Electrical Changes To Your Bathroom To Save Energy Costs

One of the main users of energy is the water heater for a home which might not be installed in the bathroom but elsewhere. However, water heating takes up about thirty percent of the energy used in a home. What’s more, much of the energy gets wasted as ten to twenty percent of the energy is useless when the heated water sits in the tank and loses out the heat. This leads to endless cycles of heating that take up more energy. While certain water heater models have variable temperature settings, it is not recommended that you reduce the water temperature below 140 degrees as bacterial growth occurs in such waters.


Tankless water heaters are the new models that are water saving and energy efficient. Tankless models will provide water in a heated condition only when in demand; this cuts down on the energy usage as well as reducing heat loss. Solar water heaters have become popular of late, which help in saving the energy used to heat water. Preheated water enters the water heaters from the solar units.

Another advanced option is re-circulating pump systems. These are setups that help reduce the time taken for the hot water to reach the different fixtures. Hence, you will waste less water as you wait for hot water to find its way through a faucet in a sink or a shower head. The setup in such systems helps to reduce water wastage and combined with an on-demand unit, you will save water heating energy costs and water waste will be prevented.

Ventilation fans are handy and energy saving installations for bathrooms. There are new energy saving models for bathroom fans that can get the noxious fumes out as well as help to dry up moisture quickly as well as in a quiet manner. The same works for modern bathroom windows in case you are unable to install a fan in your bathroom.


Lighting fixtures are the next electrical change you can do in your bathroom that will help to reduce energy costs. The best chances would be to get LED or CFL bulbs installed. These will help save on energy while the glow will be right as per the space that needs to be lighted up. Timers can also be installed in case the bathroom lights are kept on by children or forgetful adults. Some that operate with the touchless sensor, turning on when someone enters and turning off when no activity is detected in the room will also help with energy efficient lighting. One could also look at lighted mirrors that help to brighten up the reflective surfaces, making them right for shaving or when you are putting on makeup.